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About NBS

Nature Beauté Santé (NBS) was created in Montreal in 1980 by Mr Jacques Staehle. Born in 1931, Mr Staehle is recognized as one of the best practitioners of digito-puncture in the world. He is also a kinesitherapist, naturopath, acupuncturist and the former councillor of the World Association of Natural Medicine. Mr Staehle has penned over 30 books on healthcare, has taught his natural health techniques throughout the world and has spoken at many conferences.

Mr Staehle was Nature Beauté Santé’s director until 1991, when the company was bought by Mr Jean-Claude Lévy, homeopath. Following the path Mr Staehle forged for the company, Mr Lévy expanded the company’s product lines to include natural beauty products, floral waters, and massage oils.

In 1997, Nature Beauté Santé was purchased by the president of Homeocan Inc., Mrs Michèle Boisvert, B. Sc. Pharm. Already well known in the homeopathic sector, this homeopath and author helped breath new life into the company by further expanding its product lines and its customer base.

Today, this sister company of Homeocan Inc. possesses a firm marketing strategy and is endowed with many excellent natural product lines – Nutritional dietary supplements, Mycoceuticals, Chinese and Amazonian herbals, Herbal Cleanses, Spagyric Elixirs, and Swedish Elixirs.

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