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Do you bite your nails? Are your nails striated or brittle?
The main causes of nail biting (onychophagy) are:
• The stress of everyday life
• Anxiety

Skin Nail is a clear varnish with natural bitter Quassia extract, a South American tree that has been used since antiquity for its bitterness and nail strenghtening propertiess.

Indications: Onychophagy (nail biting), striated and brittle nails.

Directions for use: During the first week, it is recommended to use Skin Nail more often than a normal nail polish (once a day). Then, use Skin Nail exactly as your regular nail polish. Duration of treatment: 4 weeks. For splitting nails: apply your regular nail polish before Skin Nail. For bitten nails: apply nail polish before Skin Nail.

Contraindications: Can be used by children but not recommended for infants. Do not swallow. Keep away from heat sources.

Ingredients: ethyl acetate, acrylates copolymer, alcohol denat., denatonium benzoate, aqua, helianthus annuus (sunflower), seed oil, cassia angustifolia leaf extract.

Presentation: 11 ml glass vial with application brush.


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